Overview of Challenges
of Other PDF Solutions

Power PDF is PDF Uncompromised

PDF is the global standard for electronic document collaboration and archiving, and your business is heavily dependent upon it. Until now you’ve really only had one viable choice for a solution that meets your standards for an enterprise-grade desktop PDF solution.

With the leading vendor’s software, organizations pay for features and capabilities specifically designed for publishers, graphic designers, and architects that most business users simply don’t need. Worse, the software is not intuitive, mostly because of the complex features and functions it includes.

Additionally, the high price of the application forces most companies to limit the number of employees they can provide robust PDF software to. When you combine a bloated feature set, unintuitive software, and limited access with frustrations over licensing and audits, organizations of all sizes are frustrated and ready for a change.

Business Users Require PDF Features and Capabilities Not Offered Elsewhere

Smaller vendors have crept up in the PDF market to address some of the challenges faced by businesses. However, these alternatives lack many of the important features and capabilities business users require. The small size of these vendors also raises concerns over their ability to deliver the level of technical support and customer service many organizations require, not to mention any assurances that they will be around in a year or two.

These are the compromises users and organizations of all sizes have been forced to make with PDF software – until now. Today there is a true choice in PDF software that makes business sense with Nuance® Power PDF. It brings together features and value as never before, giving PDF users of all sizes the functionality they need no matter the task — at a price that makes sense.

To learn more, please download our whitepaper, Migrating Business Users to an Alternative PDF Solution, now.

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