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PDF Solution - Easy to Deploy, Support and Control

Nuance has provided robust PDF solutions for over a decade. We’ve put all of that knowledge and expertise into giving Power PDF the features demanding users need, and the tools, support, and flexibility enterprises require to ensure smooth ongoing implementations.

Power PDF’s familiar and Office-style user interface simplifies the learning curve, and online help all but eliminates the support burden of desktop PDF. Power PDF has a very small footprint (530MB) and runs in Citrix and other virtual environments, allowing organizations to realize all the benefits of virtualization.

Power PDF also provides the following advantages:

  • Custom installation and deployment kit: To support large enterprises, Power PDF comes with a custom installation and deployment kit that makes it easy to maintain enterprise-level governance and control.

  • Read-only mode Settings in the installation and deployment kit help organizations enforce compliance with segregation of duties and least privilege governance principles required by GAAP, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, eDiscovery, and other internal control best practices and regulatory mandates.

  • PDF/A and Section 508 compliance: Power PDF simplifies the way organizations meet PDF/A compliance requirements. Users are notified if a PDF/A file does not meet compliance requirement, so they can fix them on the fly—further saving time and making sure the files are in full compliance.

  • Predefined PDF creation profiles: The ability to set up and maintain PDF creation profiles allows IT departments to reuse settings and share them with others. This translates to the ability to standardize the generation of PDFs across the organization.

  • World-class customer support: Nuance Power PDF maintenance and support plans provide access to a human powered helpdesk and PDF software updates as they become available.

To learn more, please download our whitepaper, Migrating Business Users to an Alternative PDF Solution, now.

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