Why you may be at risk

  • Digital copiers and MFPs at risk of being hacked
    • Hard drives and operating systems, linked with the ability to communicate outside of your organization, make these devices' security vulnerable just like computers and mobile devices.
  • Policies that lack user authentication
    • Without user credentials, like a PIN/PIC code or identity smartcard, anyone in your building can reprint documents or faxes stored on your MFPs
  • No file destination control
    • Common practices like scanning to an email, or using a public "scan" folder on the server, give documents the ability to make their way into the wrong hands.
  • Unsecure printing output
    • When documents are collecting on each remote printer or MFP device, your organization's confidential and critical information can be exposed to prying eyes, most often by accident.
  • Unencrypted information being sent to/from printers or MFPs
    • Lack of data encryption for your printed or scanned documents allows hackers and unauthorized users to view and obtain information within that document.
  • Lack of restrictions based on role or title
    • Without rules or permissions to control what users can do with the device, your own MFP can be a thief's best friend in sending confidential information outside of the organization.

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